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Window Care

Window Care

Willingham and Sons Building Supply is pleased to offer a full range of windows and window maintenance items. As the weather warms up, the flowers begin to bloom and the days are longer, you’ll want to make sure your windows are clean and ready for use! Window maintenance is actually important task for many reasons that we will detail here:

–       Natural light improves your mood – clean windows allow in more light

–       Window cleaning removes smoke build up from candles or cooking, fingerprints and water spots

–       Screens can trap dust, dirt, pollen and allergens – decreasing your air quality

–       Clean windows help protect your investment and increase your curb appeal

Windows should be thoroughly cleaned every 1 to 2 months. Willingham and Sons has all the cleaners, rags and know-how you need to keep your windows sparkling! Come visit our fully stocked warehouse in historic Newberry, South Carolina or online at

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