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Decking/ Railing

Willingham and Sons carries the materials you need to build, expand or repair your outdoor deck or patio. We understand that your outdoor living area can greatly expand and enhance the use of your home. Enjoy the outdoors with a new or improved deck!

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made of a blend of wood fibers and additives such as plastic to create a more durable and long lasting decking material. Composite decking offers many benefits including water resistance, fade resistance and the elimination of splintered wood! Although a man-made product this type of decking can be created to mimic the look of real wood.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is made from pressure treated materials that provide that classic natural look. Wood is an inexpensive option for decks and has built in mold protection and insect repellant. This durable material allows the natural grain of wood to really shine through in your outdoor space.

Vinyl Railing

Vinyl deck railing is a great option for your outdoor deck, patio or porch. It offers a traditional style look and easy to maintain exterior.  Vinyl railings are extremely durable and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Aluminum/Steel Railing

Aluminum or steel railing systems are extremely durable and offer a modern twist on your deck or patio. These railings are secure and resistant to fading or corrosion. Aluminum is a lighter option while steel is more sturdy. Come and see what options are available for your unique project.

Cable Railing

Cable railing is a unique choice that instantly upgrades your outdoor living area while providing the best views without the obstruction from typical railing options.  Cable railing is modern and flexible with many different configuration options for your project.  This type of railing uses tension kits and posts to complete the install.