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Siding/Exterior Materials

What you choose for your home’s exterior is an extremely important decision that will affect how your home functions, the curb appeal of your home and how you feel about your home. There are so many options today for home exteriors ranging from different types of siding to wood to brick. Willingham and Sons carries a wide selection of siding exteriors for you to choose from.

Cement Siding

Cement siding, or fiber cement siding is made of cement, sand, water and cellulose fibers. This type of siding is very durable while maintaining some flexibility.  Some advantages of cement siding is its resistance to moisture and rot and how it repels termites and other pests that could damage your home. Cement siding comes in a variety of colors and is easy to maintain.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It provides a low maintenance and budget conscious option for home exteriors. Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors and requires some basic cleaning to keep it looking new.

Wood Siding

Wood siding gives your home a timeless, classic look that is hard to replicate with man made products. It is an eco-friendly option for your home exterior with excellent insulation capabilities. It also provides better noise reduction. There is more maintenance involved with wood siding but the right tools can help you keep it looking nice.

Composite Trim

Composite trim is made from a combination of wood fiber and plastic. This product does not crack, split or rot from moisture. It is also resistant to termites. Composite trim can be manufactured to look like wood products while providing superior home protection.