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Outdoor Cooking Supplies

In addition to helping you build the perfect outdoor space, Willingham and Sons has what you need to enjoy it! We carry grills, pellets, fryers, marinades, rubs and spices! Willingham and Sons is proud to be a recognized Traeger dealer and carries their exclusive outdoor grilling equipment.

Traeger Grill

Traeger grills have a 6 in 1 ability that allows you to grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast and BBQ all with the same grill! Traeger grills are made in the USA and are simple to control with “set and forget” outdoor cooking elements. Each grill comes with precision temperature control and convection heating to prevent grill flareup.

Traeger Pellets

To really enjoy your Traeger grill, come and find the Traeger brand pellets which are guaranteed to enhance your grilling experience. Traeger pellets are 100% natural, food grade, hardwood chips that provide that classic wood grilled flavor. The pellets are available in multiple flavors to suit your taste or grilling meat of choice.


Outdoor deep fryers allow you to expand your outdoor cooking abilities. Fryers can be used for cooking fish, turkeys, chicken, shrimp and more. Willingham and Sons carries some of the best outdoor fryers on the market.

Marinades, Rubs and Spices

To really get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience you need the right flavor enhancers. Willingham and Sons carries a large selection of marinades, rubs and spices to help you prepare a tasty and flavorful outdoor feast for friends and family. Come peruse our options and see which flavor profile you would like to try next!