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Windows provide your home with natural light and fresh air. They are a great way to let the outdoors in while keeping your home free of pests and keeping the elements out. Windows come in a variety of different styles and with unique capabilities to choose from.


Vinyl windows are one of the most common window options for homeowners today. They are made of polyvinyl chloride otherwise known as PVC. Vinyl windows are resistant to moisture which keeps them from rotting. They are also an energy efficient option for your home.

Aluminum Clad

Aluminum clad windows are wood windows protected with a layer of aluminum that increases their durability and longevity. This aluminum covering gives the windows moisture resistance. These windows require little maintenance while providing the classic wood look.


Wood windows provide a beautiful natural look to your home. Some of the most popular wood choices for windows are pine, oak and mahogany. Wood windows are energy efficient and help to insulate your home well. While wood may be considered a less durable option, it can actually last a long time with the proper installation and exterior coating.