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Lumber takes wood and processes it into uniform sizes that can be used in construction. Lumber makes up the base of many construction projects such as framing, flooring and roofing.  Depending on its use lumber comes in different types of wood and finishes. Willingham and Sons keeps a fully stocked supply of lumber for all types of uses in construction and landscaping.

Framing Lumber

Framing lumber is used for the framework of major construction projects and is classified by size and species type. The species of tree used to make up the lumber affects the density and the hardness of the wood. Common types of wood used as framing lumber includes pine, spruce and fir.

Treated Lumber

Treated lumber has been coated with chemicals while under pressure. This preserves the wood and makes it more suitable for outdoor use. Treated wood is less likely to mildew or rot and helps resist attacks from insects. This type of wood is often used for areas where it is necessary for the lumber to come in contact with moisture such as outdoor projects.

Finish Lumber

Finish lumber can come as untreated or pressure treated wood. Finish lumber is known for being smooth and less prone to cracking.  Lumber comes in different grades and the team at Willingham and Sons can help you determine what type is best for your project.

Specialty Species

Speciality species lumber is a different classification of lumber used for projects such as furniture making, woodworking or crafting. This type of lumber is sourced from specific trees for its functional ability or visual appeal Examples of speciality species are oak, cherry, walnut and hickory.