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Plywood and sheathing are used to create the outer layer of a structure and protects the building such as the floor, walls, roof and ceilings. Sheathing protects against the elements and builds up the structural integrity of a home. There are different categories of sheathing such as for exterior walls, flooring and roofing.


OSB or Oriented Strand Board is an engineered wood board made from wood strands that are arranged in layers and waterproof heat-cured adhesives. The wood strands are laid out in a cross-oriented pattern. OSB can be used for structural and non-structural projects. It is strong, durable and resists wind/moisture.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are made of highly reflective material that reduces the transfer of heat by reflecting it away from the structure it protects. These barriers block radiant heat energy and help to reduce overall cooling costs. Radiant barriers can be applied to one or both sides of your structures walls or roof and can be combined with insulation.

Cabinet Plywood

Cabinet plywood is any kind of hardwood plywood that can be used in producing furniture or cabinetry. They are durable and made up of layers of thin pieces of wood glued together with a powerful adhesive. Plywood cabinets can be finished to different specifications to match the look and style of your home.

Structrual Plywood

Structural sheathing plywood can be used for many different purposes in construction including walls, floors and roofs. It is designed for internal or external use but must be sealed if exposed to the outdoors. Plywood sheathing is strong and budget conscious and offers structural support to buildings.