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Moulding/ Millwork

Moulding and millwork can add style and definition to otherwise ordinary parts of your home. Moulding and millwork refer to strips of material in different sizes, textures and looks that cover transitions between surfaces or simply to add a decorative touch. Whether your home came with moulding and millwork or you’re starting with a blank slate, Willingham and Sons has the materials you need.


Baseboards are installed where the wall and floor meet. It can be made from a variety of materials and with many different heights or styles. Baseboards also help protect your walls from kicks, dents and the movement of furniture especially in high traffic areas. Baseboards are typically made of wood, MDF or vinyl.

Door/ Window Casing

Casings for doors or windows refers to the moulding that frames and finishes your door or windows. In this case it serves a function as well as creates style. Casing can cover any gaps between your doors and windows and the walls of your home, helping to prevent drafts or moisture from entering.

Crown Mold

Crown molding is installed where the walls meet the ceiling although it can also be used to add interest to other areas of your home such as above kitchen cabinets. Crown molding adds a finishing touch to a room and smooths any imperfections at the transition to the ceiling. Crown molding is available in a variety of styles from modern to more ornate and traditional.


Columns in home design can serve a purpose in the structure of your home or provide a decorative detail. Columns may help provide definition from one room to another. Columns can also be used in exterior design on patios, porches and outdoor living spaces. Columns can come in a variety of styles to match your home’s interior.