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Bag Products

Willingham and Sons carries a full stock of bag products for all of your construction product needs. These bulk materials can be difficult to find at big box stores but are available at our local warehouse. Order ahead if larger quantities are needed.

Mortar Mix

Mortar is made from a blend of cement, sand and lime. There are different types depending on the project you are working on. When mortar mix dries it creates a strong bond between building materials. Mortar is often used to bond together bricks or cement blocks.

Portland Cement

The most common type of cement used in construction is portland cement. Cement is used to make concrete and when mixed with water hardens quickly. Portland cement is resistant to shrinking and cracking. Cement is used as binder in other manufacturing projects such as concrete.

Concrete Mix

Concrete is made up of several elements including cement, water and either sand or gravel. Some concrete mix is made up of set amounts of each according to the project strength required.It is important to create a concrete mix that is both strong and durable while easy to use.

Blasting Sand

Blasting sand is an abrasive sand that comes in different grade levels made from silica dust. It can be used for removing paint or rust from hard surfaces. Blasting sand can be used for industrial and construction applications.