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What Type of Windows and Why

Windows are an important part of not only how your home functions but how it looks as well. Windows have many different roles and there are types of windows that are more appropriate  than others when it comes to your particular home needs. No matter what type of window you are looking for – Willingham and Sons can help! Our extensive showroom features many different types of window styles and sizes. Here are a few of the more popular options available today.

Bay Windows

–       Allow for extensive views

–       Architecturally interesting

–       Typically made up of three panes of glass

–       Brings in lots of natural light

Casement Windows

–       Open left to right using a crank

–       Provides a strong weathertight seal

–       Energy efficient

Double-hung Windows

–       Most common option other than custom windows

–       Slide along a track and can be opened at top or bottom

–       Classic style and affordable option

–       Easily installed

Picture Windows

–       Do not open but allow in additional light

–       Made of one pane of glass

–       Can be customized for your particular space

–       Offers beautiful views to the outdoors

Single – Hung Windows 

–       Affordable and widely available

–       Bottom slides open while top remains closed

–       Easy to install

–       Good budget option

Not sure what type of window is right for you? Talk to the experts at Willingham and Sons!

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