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Weatherstripping Replacement

Looking for an easy DIY project with a guaranteed return on your investment? Inspect and replace the weatherstripping around your exterior doors. Willingham and Sons has what you need to get this project completed in a weekend with results that will have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

To know if your weatherstripping needs replacing, look for dried out places, cracks, discoloration or failing adhesive. Weatherstripping that is not functioning properly can let in drafts, pests or rain. It also causes you to spend more each month on maintaining the temperature of your home as the warm or cool air escapes your home.

Weatherstripping comes in foam, rubber or vinyl and typically has a self adhesive strip attached to it. Visit the fully stocked building supply warehouse of Willingham and Sons for all of your home DIY project needs. Located in Historic Newberry we are happy to serve our local community and encourage you to continue to shop small!

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