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Wall Finishings

Wall Finishings

How your walls are finished in your home plays a huge role in the style, function and durability of your home. There are so many different options available but we would like to touch on just a few choices available at Willingham and Sons extensive warehouse. This article will talk about drywall, shiplap and beadboard.


–       One of the most popular choices in modern homes

–       Easy to install and affordable

–       Fire resistant and well-insulating

–       Easy to repair and repaint

Shiplap (Wood paneling with a groove and cup at the top and bottom)

–       Popular style in a lot of today’s homes

–       Easy way to add interest to a room

–       Can be stained or painted

–       Versatile and makes rooms feel larger

Beadboard (Wood paneling with raised beads and recesses carved into it)

–       Used for decades especially in high traffic areas

–       Can be installed vertically or horizontally or on partial walls

–       Also suitable for outdoor use such as porches or screened rooms

–       Durable and an withstand humidity

Still not sure? That’s ok! The team at Willingham and Sons can help! Come visit our showroom in Historic Newberry and see our wide selection of building options.

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