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Spring Yard Prep

Yard Prep for Spring

Temperatures are already warming up and that has many people looking forward to spring and all the fun outdoor activities that come with it. Flowers begin to bloom, trees put out new leaves and the extra daylight makes after dinner walks a fun possibility again!

Willingham and Sons has everything you need to get your yard back into shape for spring. We carry landscaping supplies and the tools required to clean up your yard after another cold winter. Here are a few of the ways you can get ready for spring!

–       Clean up debris such as leaves and branches that may have accumulated over the fall and winter

–       Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from popping up

–       Find and use a slow release fertilizer that will break down over time and increase the health of your lawn

–       Prune shrubs before they get into their active growing season

–       Wait to aerate until the summer or fall as it could encourage more weed growth

Before you get started make sure your lawn has dried out to prevent soil compaction on wet ground. If you’re struggling to wait come on over to Willingham and Sons and take a look at our fully-stocked warehouse full of building supplies and home improvement tools! Visit us online at

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