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Shopping Local

Benefits of Shopping Local 

Since 1974, Willingham and Sons has provided building supplies and materials to the greater Newberry and Midlands of South Carolina.  We are proud to be a local business run by local people.

So what benefits are there to shopping locally? Here are a few:

  1. Local business people are community experts.They understand the local culture, regulations, standards and environment.
  2. Successful local businesses employ local people and strengthen the local economy.
  3. According to statistics from, local businesses put more money back into the local economy, helping everyone in the community.
  4. Sales tax from local purchases goes toward community services such as police, fire and infrastructure.
  5. Local businesses help to support local nonprofits.

Local businesses like Willingham and Sons keep specific products that are needed by the local community. Our team of professionals is ready to help answer questions for the Midlands and Newberry area based on our years of experience living here and working here. The next time you need supplies for a building project – forget the big box stores shop local at Willingham and Sons – the smarter way to do your homework.

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