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Seal Doors for Winter

No one wants to lose heat during the winter. This heat loss affects your comfort and your energy bills each month. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaks around the front door can lead to a 20% heat loss. Take steps now to ensure your home doesn’t lose heat out the front door as temperatures drop.

Ways to Keep the Heat:

–       Add spray foam insulation that is specifically made for doors and windows. Can be added behind the door casing.

–       Caulk around door and window frames to seal up any small holes where air can leak through.

–       Add weatherstripping around your door – can be made of foam, rubber, vinyl or felt

–       Tighten the screws on your door hinges to secure the door and hold it closer to the frame

–       Simply using your deadbolt will keep the door shut tighter and less air going through

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