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Screws or Nails

When you’re beginning a new DIY project you may not think about the difference between what type of fasteners you will use – nails or screws. Believe it or not there is a time to use one over the other. Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose a nail or a screw for your next project.


–       Holds heavy objects well

–       Can be hidden and filled in after placed

–       Cheaper than screws in most cases

–       More flexible under pressure

–       Good for exterior uses, interior finishes and framing jobs


–       Can be easily removed, good for temporary projects

–       Often necessary to drill a starter hole to prevent splitting

–       Better for projects where two pieces are joined together

–       Causes less vibration or damage

–       Good for decking, cabinetry and temporary jobs

No matter which one you choose for your project you can find the materials you need at Willingham and Sons. Come see us at our extensive showroom in Historic Newberry. We have all the supplies you need for your DIY or commercial projects.

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