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Sand In Your Landscaping

Uses for Sand in Your Landscaping

Sand is so much more than just a fun day at the beach. Sand can be used in a variety of ways around the house in your landscaping. Willingham and Sons has everything you need for indoor and outdoor projects including sand.

So why do you need sand in your landscaping?

–       Weed Prevention: Putting a layer of sand down before your weed wrap adds another layer of prevention and protection from weed growth

–       Provides Stability – If you have a pathway or patio of pavers, sand can provide stability to this area by filling in the gaps and keeping the pavers in place

–       Play Area – Sand can be used under swingsets, as a volleyball court or a sandbox!

–       Visual Appeal – Sand can create a calming, soothing visual environment around pools, fire pits or even as edging – helps prevent erosion too!

So if you’re convinced that sand is what has been missing in your outdoor landscape look no further than Willingham and Sons in Historic Newberry, South Carolina. Visit us online at

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