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Protect Against the Cold

Prepping Your Home for Winter 

Winter brings with it another set of home responsibilities to keep your home safe and secure during winter. Cold weather and winter storms can place additional stress on your home systems. Preparation now can save you from trouble as the winter gets colder.

Temperatures only need to drop to 20 degrees for a few hours for your pipes to be in danger of freezing.  Frozen pipes can burst and lead to water damage so it is worth your time to keep them warm!

Here are a few ways:

–       Apply insulation sleeves on your pipes, affordable and easy to install

–       Seal cracks in your walls and around windows

–       Repair or add weather stripping around exterior doors

–       Pay special attention to pipes in colder areas such as attics or basements

–       Keep your home at a steady temperature

The Willingham and Sons warehouse is fully stocked for your home diy projects including winter prep. Shop local and talk with our team of experts about how to get your home ready for colder temperatures. Visit us online at 

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