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Types of Plumbing

If you need to update your plumbing or install plumbing in a new home, the options can seem a little overwhelming. What type of plumbing you choose depends on several factors including:

–       Budget

–       Purpose

–       Durability 

Plumbing’s main purpose in the home is to move water in and out or around the home. Thankfully Willingham and Sons has a fully stocked warehouse for all of your plumbing needs. For basic knowledge the most common types of plumbing and their uses are:

–       PEX – a newer and common type of plumbing that is strong and long lasting, comes in different colors for different water temperatures 

–       Copper – and old tried and true plumbing option that has been used for decades, use is dependent on water quality, can be expensive but is long lasting 

–       PVC – can be used for potable water as well as sewage, come in various thicknesses depending on use, protects water from rust and corrosion

When you visit Willingham and Sons you can talk to our knowledgeable staff about all of your plumbing related questions. Visit our fully stocked warehouse in Historic Newberry, South Carolina or online at 

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