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Home Moulding

Willingham and Sons carries a wide range of different styles, sizes and types of moulding and millwork. Moulding and millwork refer to the decorative strips of material used to cover the transitions between surfaces such as the wall to the ceiling or the floor to the wall. Including moulding in your home will give it an upscale look.

Different types of moulding and millwork include baseboards, door or window casings and crown molding.

–       Baseboards are installed where the wall and floor meet and are especially helpful in high traffic areas

–       Door or window casings refer to the molding that surrounds and finishes a door or window opening

–       Crown moulding occurs where the wall and ceiling meet or above kitchen cabinetry

Besides looking good, moulding can cover imperfections in your home and protect your walls from damage. To see what style would work best in your home visit the extensive warehouse at Willingham and Sons in Newberry, South Carolina. Visit us online at

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