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Exterior Home Options

Exterior Home Options

A home’s exterior makes the first impression and sets the tone for a home. It’s the first place where you can make your style choices really stand out when building a new home. But what to choose? There are many options and we break down a few of the pros and cons for each here.

Vinyl Siding


–       Durable

–       Low Maintenance

–       Low Cost

–       Wide Variety of Colors and Styles


–       Can’t be painted over

–       Lower quality with lower price point

–       More susceptible to damage

–       Not waterproof

Real Wood Siding


–       Quick and easy to install

–       Natural color exterior or can be painted or stained

–       Some species are extra durable such as Cedar


–       High maintenance

–       Not fire resistant

–       Can be damaged by termites and woodpeckers

–       Must be repainted or restrained often

Solid Brick 


–       Durable

–       Lasts forever

–       Will not fade, rot or mold

–       Fire resistant


–       Expensive product and installation

–       Not water resistant

–       Does not provide much insulation

There are many other options within each category but these are the most popular exterior choices today. Willingham and Sons has a fully-stocked showroom with vinyl, brick and wood options you can see and touch. Our experienced team can help you come to the best decision for your particular home and needs.

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