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DIY Toilet Repair

DIY Toilet Repair

Toilet issues are not only inconvenient, they can be expensive. If you have a running toilet it can be costing you more money each month with your water bill. A toilet leak can cause damage leading to mold or mildew plus an expensive repair. It’s important to regularly check on your commodes and make sure they are working properly.

Signs of a problem include:

–       Constant or intermittent refilling when not in use

–       Hissing sounds

–       Toilet not flushing even when you press the lever

–       Overflowing water or clogs

While you may need to occasionally bring in a pro to help with some of these issues, there are ways you can try to repair your toilet yourself. Over time the fill valve and flapper will stop working efficiently which can lead to a running toilet that doesn’t fill properly. They will need to be replaced and can be done with minimal tools or expertise. A dripping toilet may need to have the nuts or washers replaced or tightened. Clogs can happen when something is put down the toilet that isn’t supposed to be flushed.

Willingham and Sons has the supplies you need to make these common home repairs. Our expert team can point you in the right direction and offer helpful tips to make the job easier. Why run all over town when Willingham and Sons has everything you need in one place? Visit our fully stocked warehouse in Historic Newberry! 

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