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Decking Materials

If you’re looking to spend some more time outdoors on the porch, patio or around the pool, you may be considering building a new deck. Creating more usable outdoor space is a great way to improve your home for use now and for resale value in the future. Other than natural soft or hard woods, there are other options for decking materials. Here is a brief overview. For any building questions or supply needs be sure to visit Willingham and Sons Building Supply.

Composite Decking:

–       Made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic material

–       Low maintenance and durable

–       Resists fading and staining from mold growth

–       Comes in a variety of colors and textures

–       Can be pricier up front than natural woods

PVC Decking Material

–       Made of a PVC plastic

–       Resistant to moisture, rot and insects

–       Low maintenance

–       Comes in a variety of colors and patterns including wood grain

–       Can be hot and slippery when wet

–       More expensive option

To find out more about what material might be best for your decking project, visit the warehouse of Willingham and Sons in historic Newberry, South Carolina or visit us online at

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