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Decking Options

Treated or Composite Decking

If you’re looking to expand your deck, porch or patio one of your first decisions should be about what type of material you would like to use. You’ll need to factor in the design constraints and your budget. After that you may want to research the differences between pressure treated wood or composite decking. We’ve done some of the work here for you and you can find both options at the Willingham and Sons warehouse in Newberry.

Pressure treated wood decking is often made from pine lumber.

Consideration factors for treated wood include:

–       Most common choice due to availability and lower cost

–       Natural look that fades over time

–       Will require maintenance over time such as staining and occasional replacement pieces

–       Doesn’t show scratches as easily

–       Will need to be pressure washed to discourage mold or mildew growth

Consideration factors for composite decking:

–       More upfront cost and higher installation or labor costs

–       Can be made of recycled materials

–       Resistant to mold and mildew

–       Different colors and grains are available to give a natural look

–       Can be hotter in the summer unless cool technologies are used

–       Typically lasts longer than pressure treated wood

Either option you choose will provide additional outdoor enjoyment and  is available from the experts at Willingham and Sons in beautiful historic Newberry. We provide hauling services if needed and can help answer questions you may have during the process. Visit us at

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