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Culled Lumber

Understanding Culled Lumber 

Occasionally Willingham and Sons has a deal on lumber – known as culled lumber offered at a discount and available for immediate purchase. So what is culled lumber? We will give you a brief description and some ideas of what you can do with it. 

Culled lumber can mean many different things but is often used to describe “off-cuts” or leftover pieces from custom orders, lumber that may be warped or scratched, pieces with a lot of knots or markings. Sometimes older lumber needs to be moved quickly to make room for new shipments.

So what does this have to do with you and why would you want some?

Well this lumber is offered a steep discount to the consumer and can still be used for certain projects. Smaller projects where you may just need a few pieces and aren’t too particular about the look can be the perfect opportunity.

Other uses include:

–       Outdoor picnic tables

–       Small home decor projects like lanterns

–       Garden beds

–       Hobby building using smaller pieces

–       Holiday themed projects (see Pinterest!)

This type of lumber is not kept in stock, so keep an eye on the Willingham social media pages to find out more about when this discounted lumber is available! Visit our website at

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