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Choosing Interior Paint

Nothing transforms the look of a room like paint. Paint can evoke feelings of calm or drama, add vibrancy or create a cozy space for the family. Choosing an interior paint color is a personal decision that reflects your sense of style and can change over time. So maybe you’re building a home and choosing the paint or maybe it’s time for a refresh of the home you already have. Either way Willingham and Sons has the paint you need for the job. Here are few ways to choose the right type of paint for your home.

Types of Paint: 

–       Latex: most common option for interior paint, dries faster than oil based and is easier to clean. Less durable overall

–       Acrylic: still a water based paint but more durable than latex.

–       Alkyd: oil based paint, more durable and less likely to show brush or roller marks, has a strong smell and hard to clean up

–       Enamel: long lasting and durable, more commonly used for exterior projects

Paint Finishes:

–       Flat or Matte – No shine finish, smooth coverage that can disguise imperfections, requires less coats to have a complete look, less durable

–       Eggshell – Low level of sheen, easy to wash and more resistant to stains

–       Satin – soft sheen finish and very durable, easier to clean than the above two options but can be difficult to touch up

–       Semi-gloss: shiny and more reflective finish, high resistance to moisture, shows blemishes easily

When choosing a paint it is important to read the label carefully and understand the best use for each type of paint. At Willingham and Sons, our team of home experts can help you identify the best type of paint based on your project’s goals and the look you want your home to have.

Willingham and Sons is the smarter way to do your homework. Come check out our showroom in Newberry today!

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