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Cabinet Trends

Cabinet Trends 2023

Willingham and Sons has a wide supply of cabinets available for your home renovation or new build! What type of cabinets you are looking for depends on your own unique sense of style. If you aren’t sure where to start here are a few trends the home industry is seeing in cabinetry this year!

Dark Stained Wood

–       White cabinets have ruled the day for a while now but designers are seeing a return to dark stained wood cabinets in the kitchen.

Stained Glass Panels

–       Stained glass panels in cabinets are adding a touch of class and elegance back to kitchens, adding some flair to functional spaces.

Two-Toned Cabinets

–       Cabinets with different colors on the top and bottom provide some contrast and drama in the kitchen – sometimes in black and white or grey and white.

Unique Hardware

–       Personality can really shine through with unique and personalized hardware choices that make your cabinets stand out.

Salvaged Cabinets 

–       Cabinets made from recycled materials or other pieces of furniture are an eco-friendly way to add a unique spin to your kitchen or bath.

Come check out the selection of cabinets at the fully stocked showroom at Willingham and Sons in beautiful historic Newberry. We offer hauling services if needed. Visit us today!

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