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Building a Fire Pit

If you’re looking to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors through the Fall season, a Fire Pit is a great way to go! Done right and with safety as your top priority, fire pits can be a great way to spend time with family and friends outside on those cool Fall evenings. There are many ways to install a fire pit, some more complicated than others, but if you’re looking for a basic fire pit here are a few recommendations.

Do Your Research

–       Make sure local HOA or fire codes are followed before installing a fire pit

–       Watch videos online or read about the best ways to set up your own fire pit

–       Choose the right location – a level, open spot in your yard away from flammable structures and landscaping

Purchase Your Materials

–       Fire pits can be made in a variety of ways but typically require a steel fire ring, fire bricks, sand, gravel, pavers or lava rocks

–       Your materials will also be dependent on the style and functionality you want out of your fire pit

–       Be sure to give yourself plenty of space with the typical fire pit being 36-44 inches wide and 18-20 inches high for direct viewing while seated

–       Consider how you want to sit around your fire pit – benches or adirondack chairs are popular options

Once you are ready to get started – head to Willingham and Sons in Historic Newberry, South Carolina. We have the materials you need to begin as well as the expertise to answer your DIY project questions. Our extensive showroom is fully stocked and ready to help you with any home improvement project!

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