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Decking Materials If you’re looking to spend some more time outdoors on the porch, patio or around the pool, you may be considering building a new deck. Creating more usable outdoor space is a great way to improve your home… Read More »Decking

Cabinet Spotlight

Merilatt Cabinets This month we are featuring one of our employee’s favorite products at Willingham and Sons. We asked Christy what her favorite product to recommend was and she quickly took us to the selection of Merilatt Cabinets. These cabinets… Read More »Cabinet Spotlight

Grilling Time!

Grilling Season at Willingham and Sons  It’s almost grilling time and we are excited! This is an opportunity for us to showcase some of our favorite grilling products and accessories! Willingham and Sons is proud to partner with Traeger grills… Read More »Grilling Time!

Window Care

Window Care Willingham and Sons Building Supply is pleased to offer a full range of windows and window maintenance items. As the weather warms up, the flowers begin to bloom and the days are longer, you’ll want to make sure… Read More »Window Care

Spring Yard Prep

Yard Prep for Spring Temperatures are already warming up and that has many people looking forward to spring and all the fun outdoor activities that come with it. Flowers begin to bloom, trees put out new leaves and the extra… Read More »Spring Yard Prep


Types of Plumbing If you need to update your plumbing or install plumbing in a new home, the options can seem a little overwhelming. What type of plumbing you choose depends on several factors including: –       Budget –       Purpose –       Durability  Plumbing’s main… Read More »Plumbing

Shingles Info

Shingles Q&A Shingles protect your home from the elements by being the building blocks of your roof. Overtime the elements begin to wear down your shingles leaving your home vulnerable to leaks and a loss of energy efficieny. Shingles come… Read More »Shingles Info

Investing in Home

Investing In Your Home A home is one of the biggest investments you may ever have. On average homes grow in value overtime and are a great way to increase your wealth. If you are considering making improvements in your… Read More »Investing in Home