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September 2023

Screws or Nails

When you’re beginning a new DIY project you may not think about the difference between what type of fasteners you will use – nails or screws. Believe it or not there is a time to use one over the other.… Read More »Screws or Nails

Siding options

Understanding Siding Siding is an exterior material that covers the walls of your home, providing a watertight barrier along the outside walls. It can be made of wood, metal or plastic and has different pros and cons based on the… Read More »Siding options

Fall Projects

Decking Projects You Can Enjoy This Fall As the temperatures start to cool and there are more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, you may begin to think of ways you can better utilize your yard for family enjoyment or entertaining.… Read More »Fall Projects

Brick Benefits

Benefits of a Brick Exterior Willingham and Sons provides all kinds of building supplies including exterior materials like brick. If you’re trying to decide on what type of exterior you may want for your home, here are a few reasons… Read More »Brick Benefits